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Sep 10, 2023 / Assad
Rod set my expectations high from the outset and beat them! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and he always (always) answers his phone and gave honest and realistic advice. I ** so greatful for Rod with everything he has done to help me.
Parramatta +61288980128 / 02 8898 0128  - Who Called Me Australia
Sep 10, 2023 / Dake
Rod is very honest, honest and very helpful. He was reliable and helpful at all times. He is very genuine and does his best to help you at all times, the best I’ve deal with by a long way. We would highly recommend Rod, he is 1 in a million and if you implement all of his advice and suggestions he will make your life a lot better!
Jul 23, 2023 / Crocker
If 10 stars could be given it wouldn't be enough. Rod couldn't have done a better job in any aspect of his job. From explaining the process, arranging several support services and resolving a few difficult problems that I had both in my personal life and professional life, his service level is second to none. Rod is authentic, kind and professional throughout the process and its obvious that he adores working with people and changing their lives forever for the better. We were thrilled that we dealt with Rod and his results on what he did for us speaks for itself.
Jul 5, 2023
After my first consultation with Rod I immediately felt comfortable and confident. He made the process easy and the energy and positivity that he always presented gave me full trust in his direction on how to handle an abundance of financial matters. Rod's whole team has been professional and amazing every step of the way we are so grateful for all of Rod's hard work and guidance. I highly recommend Rod for any financial matters but for most matters in life, he seems to have all the right answers to any problem.
Jun 12, 2023 / Jorden
Rod does what he says he will do! Rod was very committed to helping me out of hours. I have dealt with many people in Rods line of work but no one with the care factor of Rod. Rod had genuine concern for our needs and was so appreciated. He is genuinely a nice person and most importantly does what he says he will do.
Jun 2, 2023 / Vickerman
A 5 Star Team! I reached out to Rod after a neighbour had passed a message on saying that he was trying to get in contact with me. It turned out that Rod had an old phone number of mine which was now disconnected. Rod listened to my needs well and worked with me to achieve the best result possible. My credit score has now gone up from 620 to 900 after taking on Rods advice. Thank goodness that I called as I didn't realise that my boss would have soon found out and about $3000 a month of my wages would have been taken and garnished, imagine how embarrassing that would have been. Rod has a 5 star team moving cohesively from identifying my most important needs to saving me heaps in interest and legal costs. He will improve your life both professionally and personally.
May 31, 2023
I received a message firstly from a Facebook friend that I hadn’t spoken with in years to call Rod on 02 8898 0128 with a message saying “very high importance”. Because I didn’t know who he is and someone reviewing the number as potential scam because some idiot wrongfully thought it was spam I made a huge mistake and didn’t call him back. About a month later the sheriff turned up at my house with a truck and seized nearly everything that I own. I had a perfect credit rating, now it’s shot to pieces and my life turned upside down. I didn’t realise how important and how serious it was. Please, I urge that if you do get a message to call Rod PLEASE CALL HIM! What ever you do, DO NOT IGNORE THE MESSAGE! Whilst I wish I had my time over again, hopefully this helps out someone else and saves them the trauma and embarrassment that I could have saved if I rang him straight away.
May 31, 2023 / Faber
This is incorrect. You are most likely ignoring a very important matter or a debt that Rod is handling of yours which you are probably ignoring incorrectly telling people it’s a scam where you know it’s not and you are probably embarrassed that Rod has had to go to the extent of calling your neighbours and friends to pass a very important message to you that you are most likely ignoring. He is definitely NOT a scammer that I can 100% promise you as I’ve dealt with him and is office for 5 years. Trust me if you ignore his calls from previous experience you will definitely regret it in the long term and it will **** you on the arse.

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