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Who Called Me Australia

Nowadays many people around the world face phone scams. According to the Australian media, huge numbers of frauds have been noticed in Australia during the last few years. More and more people declare that they receive unknown calls from people with bad intentions. In order to help people from Australia to stay away from phone scams, our greatest team has created Who Called Me Australia. This platform has a huge database, which contains more than 1 000 000 000 phone numbers and 1 000 000 phone reviews. It is undoubtedly the biggest and the most accurate database worldwide. Who Called Me Australia's main purpose is to help people from Australia to stay safe and improve the quality of their life by increasing their personal information and income security.

Who Called Me From This Phone Number

The majority of Australians confirm they have received a call from an unknown number at least once in their life. In many cases, an unknown number of callers were described as frauds who tried to steal people’s money or personal information. In order to reduce the risk of phone scams, every individual should try to use Who Called Me Australia. This platform gives an opportunity to do a phone number search and find all the information about the shady person who hides under an unknown number.

Was told it was a call from DHA and they have tried to contact me several times and to press 1 for chinese or 2 english - I hung up straight away as it sounded like a scam.
Received a text stating my ING account had been logged into by an unknown device and to click a link… I do not have any accounts with ING, definitely reads like a scammer.
+61480465635 / Hale
Spam number! Just received a message saying fee payment is overdue and to make payment at ink-si.buzz.
Uber Eats driver calling through the app.
Messages claiming I owe a toll fee - wanting me to click on a link. (I haven't used a toll road)
+61434860270 / Kresse
Claims that an unrecognised device has logged into my account. Contact alerts.
+61284248456 / Garmany
This is a spam number hacking Facebook accounts.
+61468713163 / Court
Happened to me twice.
Scammers posing as ‘wrong number’ using text messages to fish for targets that will reply them.
+61756162061 / Prost
Serial pest scammer, calling from similar numbers. Blocking the lot.

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If you wish to find out, who called you from Australia you have to check this phone number at Who Called Me Australia. Write down the unknown number, add it to the Phone Number Search, press "Search" bottom and find all the needed information. Moreover, maybe you also want to build unity and help other users? In this case, you can add your own information regarding the mysterious number that has called you. When users will be searching that phone number, they will be finding the information you have inserted. In this way, all people around the world can avoid being scammed, or having money and personal information stolen. You can add pertinent information about the unknown number for the other users, so any information that you think might be useful to them. As you like to be helped you can help others with this simple gesture which will take you no time. This is a sign of human solidarity and you can show it even today.

One thing is sure and you should keep it in mind: you should never trust anybody when they call from an unknown number. The first thing you need to do is to find out their identity by asking them directly or by searching their number on Who called me. Make sure you stay safe by preventing any unpleasant situations including getting scammed by phone. Today we represent the best tool to help you keep your security up and we are highly proud of this. We hope you will enjoy this experience, which helps to ensure your personal security and the safety of your loved ones!

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